Managed & Leased Warehousing

Maintaining a cost-efficient business is about finding the most secure and economical storage facility for your products. It also includes reducing the administrative and labor burdens associated with managing and controlling your inventory. A turnkey warehousing solution provides you peace of mind knowing that your storage and distribution needs are expertly handled by a single source provider.

Wampum Underground offers managed and leased warehousing solutions customized to your business needs. With over 40 years of storage expertise, we have extensive experience designing and managing custom warehouse facilities. Whether you require a private, segregated storage solution or are looking for a trusted supplier for warehousing services, we provide you with the highest quality resources and service.

Customized managed warehousing solutions for your business

You want a third party logistics (3PL) provider who boosts operational efficiency while handling your inventory assets with care. Wampum Underground provides full service managed warehousing services that allows you to reduce your supply chain costs and continue to focus on your core business. Our professional warehouse personnel always deliver personalized service while working in partnership with you to design the “best-fit” specialty services for your facilities:

  • storage and distribution management
  • picking and packing
  • order fulfillment
  • inventory rotation

No matter what your specific requirements, Wampum Underground’s goal is to enable your business to reduce its logistics overhead and administrative costs while providing the most efficient management of your inventory.

Leased warehousing tailored to your business requirements

Wampum Underground’s warehouse storage solutions offer unparalleled security and protection for our clients’ materials and products. Our sub-surface facility features:

  • optimum environmental conditions
  • lower utility costs
  • superior disaster and theft protection
  • strategic proximity to interstate highways

Additionally, we provide our clients with a variety of storage leasing options perfect for accommodating both short-term and long-term growth goals. Our private, leased warehouse spaces offer complete segregation and ensure that your storage capabilities are maximized.

Wampum Underground employs a team of professional design and development experts with extensive experience meeting unique business requirements. This gives us the ability to incorporate the following value-added solutions for your business:

  • workspace planning
  • architectural design
  • construction

In addition, there are no Common Area Management (CAM) fees, building insurance charges, or property taxes.

To find out more about Wampum Underground’s managed and leased warehousing solutions, please contact us by phone or fill in the form on this page.

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