Handling Services

Turnkey product handling services

As part of our turnkey third party logistics (3PL) support solutions, Wampum Underground offers an array of professional handling services for companies of all sizes and types. We enable you to eliminate the costs of running your own warehouse and achieve improved streamlining of your business operation processes. Our professional warehouse staff has extensive experience with a wide range of distribution scenarios and is there to provide assistance with every aspect of your supply chain process including:

  • inventory control and rotation
  • picking and packing
  • floor loading/lumping
  • local, national and global shipping and transportation
  • labeling/stickering

Cross Docking

Maintaining a labor pool for your inbound and outbound shipping processes is costly. At the same time, you need assurance that your inventory will be delivered to your customers as efficiently as possible. Wampum Underground’s cross docking services enable seamless receiving, transfer and outbound distribution of your products through the following options:

  • side loading/unloading capabilities
  • pallet consolidation
  • material sorting

Pick and Pack Service

Distributing the right product to your customers’ demands a complete understanding of your products as well as your packaging and shipping requirements. Wampum Underground’s pick and pack service provides a dependable solution for meeting all of your fulfillment needs. Our professional warehouse staff handles your inventory with the utmost safety and care, incorporating processes and procedures that consistently meet your distribution and delivery requirements.

We use systems that combine barcode technology with inventory management databases, facilitating efficient location and retrieval of your fulfillment items. Need something retrieved? We’ll be able to find it quickly with the benefit of a virtual roadmap of what items are stored, where they are stored, and how long they should remain in storage. Our pick and pack service ensures accurate order selection and helps your business achieve:

  • reduced storage expenses
  • streamlined supply chain processes
  • decreased inventory levels
  • improved delivery times

Floor loading/Lumping

Removing product from a pallet and repositioning it in a smaller overseas container so the container is not overweight and the product is not damaged in anyway during shipping. You actually load the product on the floor of the container and don’t use pallets to save space since it is very expensive to ship overseas. In essence this is a cost saving service to maximize shipping space. People need this when they are either loading product for overseas shipments, or unloading from an overseas shipment. This is very labor intensive and most places do not do this. We inspect all containers for holes, fumes, bugs, jagged edges or anything that would or could cause damage to the product. Containers are inspected and lined before placing product in containers for shipment and then containers are then sealed once loaded.

A range of shipping options to meet your distribution requirements

Wampum Underground provides companies with full freight management support with Less Than Truck Load (LTL) and Full Truck Shipping capabilities. We maintain an extensive network of local, national and global carriers. Each provider adheres to our standards for delivering the highest quality shipping services to our clients. Our shipping options include:

  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Parcel
  • Air Freight

Access to a variety of options allows us to manage your shipment, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

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