Daniel Bruce

Daniel Bruce Profile PictureAfter graduating Carnegie Mellon University in 1998, Daniel Bruce worked as an advertising executive on national accounts such as Taco Bell and Milk. In 2002, he returned to Pennsylvania and undertook operational control of Brady’s Bend Corporation’s underground facility. Daniel enhanced core competencies, established a robust and highly professional product offering and maintained significant growth throughout all business segments.

In 2005 Daniel identified purchase of the Wampum Underground facility as a unique growth opportunity. He then created Underground Archives as a separate company to manage national archival records accounts from both facilities and to provide greater brand identity to the regional accounts represented at each facility location. In April of 2012, Daniel completed the sale of Underground Archives to BRM, which now a client at both underground facilities.

Over the past 7 years, Daniel has led the charge at both Brady’s Bend and Wampum Underground, helping to create a Class A underground real estate offering and unparalleled adaptable, flexible and highly customizable space. Most recently, Daniel has been working to strengthen and improve both underground facilities offerings.

Contact Dan at dan@wampumunderground.com.

Michael Wish

Michael Wish Profile ImageMichael Wish is an owner of Underground Archives and has served as Managing Member of Bruce-Wish Development LLC since 2005. As Managing Member, Michael has focused on business development and operations for the Wampum Underground facility, utilizing his 13-plus years of real estate development and contract law experience.

Michael began his career in real estate development in 1993 and has successfully purchased, managed, and sold numerous commercial properties and projects. His real estate development work has been characterized by themes of long term ownership and reinvestment. In 1999 he established a legal practice assisting other real estate entrepreneurs in maximizing their investments.

Mike received an undergraduate BA degree from DePauw University in 1993 and Law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Law in 1997.

Contact Mike at mike@wampumunderground.com.

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