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Guy On ForkliftBeneath the hills, in southern Lawrence County, limestone was mined from the 1870’s until 1946. Natural limestone deposits historically were used only for the stone until the 1950’s when companies began to discover the security and constant temperature of this rock structure to be an ideal alternative to conventional surface buildings.

Wampum Underground offers a total of 2.5 million square feet of underground space. Currently developed buildings total 1,100,000 square feet accommodating storage for all types of material, warehouse storage for perishable food and dairy products, industrial supplies and materials, consumer goods, classified documents and paper records, media and data, and vault secured material. Over 1,000,000 square feet of general purpose space is used for the seasonal storage of recreational vehicles.

Wampum’s physical structure consists of huge limestone pillars up to 30 feet in diameter which support a solid rock ceiling. Concrete floors are installed over the solid limestone base. Concrete block walls and the stone ceiling are painted white for optimal illumination. Electricity, lighting, sprinklers, plumbing, truck docks, and specialized climate control systems are installed to meet each tenant’s material storage requirements. The steady climate is a year round, natural ambient temperature of 55 degrees. Buildings are climate controlled to provide superior storage and working environments at a constant 62 degrees and 50% RH. The subsurface is vibration free and ideally suited for high tech firms.

Tenants come to Wampum Underground to take advantage of the quality space with all of its built-in amenities at affordable prices and its close proximity to an excellent network of highways. Since the focus of our value enhancing program is to make Wampum Underground a first class, multi-tenant business park, attracting tenants to and from the expanding greater Pittsburgh region, Wampum Underground is being carefully planned to include important features such as access to space via truck entrances, electrical service to meet tenant’s requirements, weather free dock operations, space with a high degree of security and safety, and ideal environmental conditions.

Our hands-on ownership, management team and facility staff of 13 boast a combined 220 years of subsurface development, logistics expertise, and records management experience provide continuous expertise to the Company’s four operating divisions, Real Estate, Logistics, Records Management, and Seasonal Recreational Vehicle Storage. The divisions work in concert to offer customers a wide variety of logistics services, real estate development and custom tenant space design, as well as providing seasonal recreational vehicle storage management and archival record storage management services through Underground Archives.

Each of our operating units use state-of-the-art computer management systems to track stored items and perform billing functions. Through aggressive growth and innovation Bruce-Wish Management and Wampum Underground are positioned as a leading provider of premium subsurface facilities, and are poised to reinvent the industry standards for Real Estate, Warehouse and Archival Storage.

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